Getting Ready

It is so exciting to be preparing a fourth group of pre-service teachers for their Indian educational experience in Bangalore. Since 2013, twenty students have taken advantage of this enriching opportunity and this year thirteen more will discover the taste of dosas and fresh lime soda, feel the pulse of India in their first rickshaw ride, learn to drape a sari and see their hands become the canvas for a henna tattoo artist. But, most importantly, these thirteen students will become part of a community of learners at Vidyashilp Academy, Delhi Public School North, Delhi Public School South, and AECS Magnolia Maaruti Public School. They will bring their passion and enthusiasm for teaching and learning into schools that have embraced and nurtured our young educators. MU students Elizabeth Best, Sarah Bippen, Laura Johnson, Abby Jozwiakowski, Kayla Kightlinger, Courtney Kreb, Chrissy Moore, Ollie Naeger, Kacy Thurman, Taylor Warren, Madeline Small and KU student Thompson Deufel have been preparing for their journey. They have applied for visas and through that process experienced and overcome some of the hurdles of global mobility for students. They participated in pre-departure orientations and have begun communicating with their host principals.  We look forward to seeing how this year’s group takes ownership of their India experience as they grow in professionalism, cultural adaptability and friendship over their six-week residency in Bangalore. I am sure they’ll soon discover what previous cohorts called “whendia:” Those enchanting and unique moments that only surrendering to all that India has to offer can provide. Namaste!