A Short Note for the Parents, Teachers, and Students of AECS Magnolia 7-28-16

Dear Magnolia,Wow. It has definitely been a whirlwind of experiences teaching in your school. I feel like not long ago Taylor, Kayla and I were taking our first steps on our first day of school there. At first, it was chaos. Sound seemed to come from everywhere and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t overwhelmed all the time. We eventually settled into a routine and found our niche in the school. Talking with the teachers in between classes was so wonderful and everyone was so kind and welcoming. Rekha made and brought me some crazy delicious idli with ghee and sugar! Saumya invited us over to her house and to plays at a local theatre. I was asked at least twice after lunch if I had lunch, whether it was good, and if it was too spicy. All of the teachers were so sweet and made sure I had what I needed. They all worked so incredibly hard on putting their parents day performance together and it showed!

The students at Magnolia are something else entirely! The students are so eager to learn and they are never afraid to ask questions which is something you don’t always find. Their curiosity about the world is so encouraging and I know that all of these kids are going to do such great things in the world. My 5th grade class will always have a special place in my heart as the first class I taught in my life and I will never forget their patience.

Of course these students wouldn’t be who they were without their parents encouraging them and helping them along the way. It is nice to see parents so involved in their student’s school and I thank them for allowing me to teach their amazing children.

Magnolia is such a wonderful school and I really am thankful that I was placed there. These past few weeks in the school will stay in my memory forever.

With love,


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