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My time here in India has flown by, I cannot believe tomorrow is my last day at Vidyashilp Academy and Bangalore.  The saying “time flys when you’re having fun” is true, I am not ready to leave my community here.  Leaving Vidyashilp will be one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life.  I have built a community from my wonderful mentors, the students, staff, culture and Selvi ma’am I have felt at home here.  I knew from the first day at Vidyashilp that this school would have a major impact on my life much more than I could have ever asked for.  Everyday here I have been reminded why I love what I do.

Before coming on the teach abroad trip the only experience I had in a classroom was minimal.  I had only experienced from the past year only doing sixteen hours of observing.  I was nervous not knowing what I was getting myself into not ever teaching before this trip.  Ever since the first day I have been welcomed with open arms by everyone at Shilp.  I will miss everything about Vidyashilp from the lunches to walking down the hallway having fifteen students ask me if I was coming to their class today.

The most important lesson I am going to take from my time at Vidyashilp Academy is the teacher-student relationship. The teachers at Vidyashilp are mother figures in the school. The teachers do not only care about the students education but their well-being as well. The teachers I have observed and worked with at Shilp want the best for all their students. I personally think that Shilp teachers do a great job of balancing seriousness, love, fun, excitement and discipline. In my future classroom I want that perfect balance. Shilp classrooms have roughly 35-40 students in each classroom. The teachers make sure that all the needs are met of every child. I admire this from the teachers being able to accommodate to 40 children in one hour lesson, very impressive. The teachers are Shilp are the teachers I strive to be in student-teaching and my future career. I cannot wait to be able to take the bound and respect I have learned between the teacher and student at Shilp and apply it in the near future.

Going into Shilp I was placed in the 1-5 standard classrooms…primary education. I am studying to be a middle school social studies teacher therefore I will teacher older students 6-8, I was not so sure about being place in elementary for the past six weeks at first. However, I am so glad that I got the opportunity to experience elementary. I found out that elementary the students are so affectionate and want to please you as a teacher always. As children get older that is not so much the case. If I ever got the chance to teach elementary again I would for sure take up the opportunity. I thank Vidyashilp for pushing me out of my comfort zone, now I know so many different options I have as an educator with what grades I would like to teach. I did have to chance to get close to some sixth standard students making me still be in love with the age that I want to be teaching. Sixth grade would be my ideal age to teach when I graduate, they are still affectionate towards you, and exciting students to be around but they can be independent.

I have spent time reflecting on my experience teach abroad in India. Selvi Ma’am stressed how important it is to take time to reflect every single day, seeing what you did good, what wasn’t so good and how you can always improve. After my time in India, I have realized that I would prefer younger ages to teach such as fifth, sixth or seventh. I also found out that being in the EVS Department at Shilp I would not mind teaching social studies or science. I love both subjects and have learned so much from the teachers how to incorporate activities in social studies and science. I could still see myself later in my career teaching 8th-12th grade however, the students at Shilp have brought me so much happiness that I want to stick with lower secondary grades for now.

Vidyashilp has taught me so much about myself and me as a future educator. I have started to notice little things how India and Shilp have changed me but I think I will really find out when I get back in the states and reflect more on my experience.

The most difficult part of these past six weeks was my last day at Vidyashilp. I cried twice. Leaving something that had made a huge impact on your life is hard to leave when you are not ready to leave. I wasn’t saying a goodbye to the teachers, students, and Selvi; I was saying a see you later because I will be coming back and visiting India in the future. There is no way possible I won’t be able to stay away from India. I have fell in love. In love with the culture, the people, the values, and education system.

me and kinishka

To my…

Fifth standard class C, I will miss your unconditional love, enthusiasm and dedication. I am so grateful I got the chance to know and teach every single one of you. I will miss you all dearly and will stay in touch.

Aerobics fourth and fifth standard class, I will miss your joyful little faces, excitement and making me embarrass myself everyday dancing with you girls. You girls have some serious moves. Keep up the great work and I am sure you will all do amazing during your performance.

Art class eleventh and twelfth standard, I will miss being able to see your outstanding art work everyday. I cannot wait to see the portrait you all are doing of me. I wish the best to every single one of you in the future. Thank you for allowing me to get to know you all.

vidyashilp evs department

Vidyashilp I will miss you all, it is a see you later not a goodbye. I will keep in touch.

Until next time,

Much love Liz

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