Farewell to India

It seems strange that our time is up here in India. We have had so many adventures and learned a great deal, I even felt like Bangalore was starting to become my home. The last few days have been very busy. We’ve flown to Delhi, drove to Agra, spent the night, seen the Taj Mahal, seen Agra Fort, drove back to Delhi, and now we are on a plane en route to the USA. 5 hours into my 30 hours of travel time, I’ve had plenty of time to think about the things I will miss about the great country of India and more specifically the city of Bangalore and DPS-North. The following is a condensed list of all the things I will miss as I arrive home in the states. 

  •  DPS- North
  • Sowmya Ma’am 
  • Manju Ma’am 
  • Geeta Ma’am
  • Suniti Ma’am
  • Mehar Ma’am
  • Suda Ma’am
  • (All the Ma’ams :))
  • The students at DPS
  • Mango juice
  • Masala Chai
  • Tea time with Geeta Ma’am
  • Brownie (the stray dog that Casa Cottage has basically adopted 

  • The staff at Casa Cottage
  • Commercial Street
  • Daily naps on the way home from school
  • Amazing coffee from Coorg
  • Mehndi (henna)

  • Anklets and toe rings
  • Colorful sarees

  • Dosa
  • Bangalore’s weather 
  • Jasmine in people’s hair
  • DPS all white uniforms
  • Amazing temples 
  • Random cows in the street
  • Rangaswami (our rickshaw driver turned friend)
  • Palm trees 
  • Students calling glasses “specs” and markers “sketch pens”
  • Friendship bands from 5H

  • The hospitality 
  • Kindness of everyone I have encountered 

I will miss so much about the beautiful place that I have spent 6 weeks. So much so that this list barely even begins to scratch the surface. Thank you to India, University of Missouri, College of Ed, International Knowledge Center, Gabrielle, Girish, Tony, Suman, DPS-North, donors, and everyone who helped create this amazing opportunity. I have learned so much and made so many memories that I will never forget. Goodbye India…for now.



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