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My teach abroad in India is coming to a quick end. I really can’t believe I have actually been living in Bangalore for a month and 1/2! Then again, I can see how I’ve grown and changed during my time here. I decided that I wanted to devote this blog post to my top ten favorite things I have loved during my trip.

10. Casa Cottage Hotel- I have loved living at Casa Cottage. Our quaint bed and breakfast is located in Richmond Town near the Johnson Market. The neighborhood is family friendly and has several great places to eat that are in walking distance. I also love that the neighborhood has a diverse mix of religion. The primary religion in this neighborhood is Muslim, but Hindus are also scattered throughout. I think that Casa Cottage is the perfect place for travelers to stay because it creates a safe atmosphere amongst the big city.

9. Rickshaws- Although I almost always get ripped off (overpaying) by rickshaw drivers, there is something about riding around Bangalore in an auto that gets my blood pumping. I love the feeling of being able to be right amongst the traffic and feel everything around me. I really think the United Staes needs to look into getting small autos because its cheap and is easy to use.

8. Clothing- What makes shopping fun in India is that most of the time you get to bargain for what you want. Even though I am not a master I have been able to get some satisfying deals during my time here. The clothing ( my favorite purchases) are the exact opposite of anything I would have ever worn at home, and that is why I love it! It is bright, flowy, and conservative, but somehow I feel gorgeous anytime I wear my purchases. I have also fallen in love with silk scarves. I have bought one for my aunt, two for my mom, and two for myself. Not only have I gone over board on the scarves but also on accessories. The necklaces and rings that I have bought at commercial street will forever be my prized possessions.

7. Chai Tea – Everyday I make sure to set a mental alarm telling me when the chai tea at school will be served. I do not think any other chai tea in the world will compare to the masala chai I drink in India. This is a tradition I will miss so much and I have already asked my teacher for the recipe.

6. Greenery- When I was imaging my time in Bangalore I did not picture this city having so many beautiful flowers, trees, and parks. It is amazing that so much greenery can be present within a booming metropolis. I also love how everyone decorates their porches with potted plants. It has definitely made me more interested in keeping plants around my apartment when I return home.

5. People of Bangalore- I have loved getting to know the culture of Bangalore. The people are what make this city great. I have not come across many that are not genuinely kind, helpful, and excited to meet me. Every time I have visited a school or been to a shop I have always been offered chai and asked several questions about myself. The people in India that have treated me ( a foreigner) so well make me so shameful of the way Americans treat foreigners. When I return home I plan on using the hospitality they have taught me.

4. Diversity- A 4th standard student at DPS East once told Chrissy Moore that India has a place for everyone and that it is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world. After six weeks of living that statement I can testify that that is the truth. Never have I been to a city, state, or country that is so accepting of different cultures and religions. Other countries need to model this behavior. If more places in the world had this mentality the world would be a different place.

3. Delhi Public School East- I will forever miss walking on the campus of DPS East. Not only are the plants and trees gorgeous but the white buildings, marble floors, and monkeys give the school character. This school has become a home away from home and I can not imagine myself not scheduling a trip to return and visit.

2. Teachers- The teachers that I have been able to work with at DPS East have changed me for the better. I am always impressed by how patient and kind they are everyday having forty students in their classroom. Not only are the motherly and supportive, but they are also stern and protective. These are all the qualities I hope to embody once I am a teacher and I am so thankful I have been able to learn from the best.

1. Students- The students at DPS East have won my heart since day one of my journey. These children are kind, driven, and the most hardworking students I have ever met. The students at DPS East are going to be world changers. These students are driven to be the best and will not give up until they are. It breaks my heart knowing that my last day is tomorrow. I know I will most likely never see these children again, but I can hope that I have impacted them as much as they have impacted me.

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