Plan C

It’s our final week here in India! It crazy to say that knowing we just arrived a short time ago. I’ve learned so much about the country, the school, and myself during my stay and it’s so sad to see it come to an end. While I love India and definitely plan on returning, a group of us have noticed that first plans don’t necessarily work out. We all had a Plan A and we most likely ended on Plan C’s. Here’s a quick list of what we’re talking about:

Wanting to walk to our favorite restaurant at 6; it starts pouring at 5:50
Expecting a hot shower; you take a cold bucket shower
Walk into the shower; the power goes out, the water doesn’t work, & the bucket’s empty
Wants to FaceTime your mom; wifi doesn’t work
Go to three different cafés with wifi to finish your blogs; every cafés wifi isn’t working
Think you can go to Starbucks, get coffee & get wifi; wifis out
Pay for chai expecting masala chai; gets tea bag
Tries to order uber; uber cancels 3 different times so you grab a rickshaw and get overcharged
Trying to be fit and active by going on a run in the park; Monsoon season hits harder than ever
Takes malaria medicine; you’re allergic and break out in a rash
Thinks you’re safe and without any problems using uber; driver gets lost and you have no clue where you are

While this may be frustrating at times, we end up making a joke and almost a game out of it. There are times I hear “Oh no that sounds like a plan A we better change that!” and I laugh because they are probably right. It’s funny to see just how far a plan can go. And, on the case Plan A actually does work out, it makes us even more grateful. India, you definitely keep us on our toes. Plan C is starting to become Plan A.

With love,


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