Peekaboo with Heavenly Bodies

Today was my first time teaching a class by myself ever. My lesson was on Solar and Lunar Eclipses for fifth standard.  I was nervous and anxious hoping the kids would understand the lesson and enjoy it.  At first when I stepped in the class all the kids were extremely excited for me being in their class.  They thought I was going to be observing the class not teaching it.  .

I designed the lesson similar to the format of how lessons are taught here at Vidyashilp so the students wouldn’t be confused.  First the title, then keywords for the lesson (that the students should already know from previous years), ask a question about what you are going to teach let the students think about the answer to the question then go into the lesson.  I started the lesson just as normal with the title which was Peekaboo with Heavenly Bodies.  Students started to get out their EVS notebooks to write down the title.

Next I started asking the key words of the lesson, which the students in fifth standard should have already knew from fourth standard.  When I asked for the definitions of shadow, reflect and orbit the class was completely silent.  I thought to myself that the lesson was to hard to begin with that the students will not learn from this lesson.  I proceeded with the lesson asking the question to introduce the lessons topic.  All of a sudden students started raising their hands and giving me correct answers.  I went on to the core topics going through my lesson.

We finished learning the lesson earlier than I expected, I thought that the lesson would take the whole hour and we would do the activity I had planned the following day.  However, I finished the lesson and questions with thirty minutes left in the class.  I decided to have the students to do the activity as well and I would come up with a review and another activity for the following day.

The activity I had the students do was they had to bring in something that represented a sun, moon and earth.  Majority of the class brought in colored clay to make a sun, moon and earth out of.  Some students were creative and made balls coloring them to look just like the sun, moon and earth.  With the sun, moon and earth activity I had each pod of three students present to me what a solar and lunar eclipse would look like.  After they had finished that they would start the rest of the activity which was as in their EVS notebook they had to write what it would be like if they experienced a solar or lunar eclipse.  When going around to every pod I got the chance to see that every student had learned the lesson.  I would ask the students questions making sure they knew the answer.  The students were receptive giving me the correct answers.   I was relieved knowing that my lesson was effective and the students learned something.

Reflecting after teaching my first lesson I learned many things that I will continue to improve on in my student teaching career.  It was an amazing experience, making it so much harder when leaving Vidyashilp later this week.

Until next time,


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