Dancing Queens

For the past 6 weeks, myself and five other girls have been practicing to perform a modern Indian dance for the last night we are in Bangalore. I was not exactly excited about the idea of performing a dance for the rest of the group and IKC workers, but I knew this was just another way I could immerse myself in the Indian culture.

Our dance instructor, Aditi, has been an absolute joy to work with. She is sassy, easy-going, and very patient with our lacking dance skills. She choreographed our dance to go along with two different songs. The first song is very fast paced and up beat! Personally, I think this is the harder of the two. It requires fast foot work and detailed hand motions. The second song is slightly slower and is easier to follow along with. The reason I prefer the second song is because it requires the entire group to work together. In the second song we have to create a synchronized line and form a circle in a certain amount of beats. We also each have two scarves in our hands that we are shaking at all times. This makes the dance more visually appealing. Today is our last day of practice and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous for the performance that will be happening in just two days! Even though I originally was not excited about dance practices or performing, I am happy that went out of my comfort zone to participate in this activity. Learning this modern dance has taught me even more about the Indian Culture and is something I am able to bring home to the states.

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