The Stages of Study Abroad 7-26-16

Before coming on this study abroad trip we were required to complete an orientation online about studying abroad. In part of the orientation it talked about the different emotional stages you go through as you are abroad. I thought it might be true but I didn’t really think much of it after reading it and I pushed it to the back of my mind. I came to find out that it is all true! When we first arrived, everything was new and interesting and I said “WOW” a lot. The honeymoon stage was in full swing!
When about the third week rolled around for about 3 days I was done. I wanted to go home so badly and I missed my family and friends so much. My roommate Taylor said to me while I was complaining, “You know you’re in the homesick stage? (AKA the culture shock/confrontation stage) You will probably be over it in a few days.” Then it hit me what she was talking about and that she was right! I looked up the document in the orientation and I could actually follow my position as I moved along the trip.

Now, of course, I am at the stage where I don’t want to leave! I am so comfortable and confident with my surroundings! All of the friends I have made here and the relationships with my students are so valuable to me and I want to stay! Looking back I can confirm, at least for me, that the stages of studying abroad is a real thing! You love it, you want to go home, you love it again, and then you leave. Coming to India has definitely changed who I am as an educator and a person. You never know I might have to be dragged on the plane kicking and screaming!!

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