Strike Shenanigans

Last week the buses decided to strike. They wanted a 30% raise in their pay before they were going to work. When the buses were not running it debilitated half the city who relies on public transportation. This also meant no school buses. Some of the teachers also rely on the school buses to get them to school. As you can imagine this interrupted the school days. DPS North, DPS East, Magnolia, and Vidyashilp were all cancelled on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday Magnolia had school but the student teachers who were placed there were advised not to attend because they could potentially be effected by the strike. On Thursday everybody was back in school except for my school: Vidyashilp. This left Liz and I with almost a full week off of school. Believe it or not we were itching to get back to school because we love it so much.

On our days off we shopped too much and spent way more than we wanted to. During our shopping it made me think about how different the shopping is in The States. Here you get to barter because there is rarely a set price on an item. Some shops are more difficult. For example if we go to the mall everything has a price tag and it is not negotiable. When you are on Commercial Street it is a different story. Commercial Street is the hub of the city. There are people everywhere, squeezing to get through everyone. I have not been to New York but I imagine it is similar to walking in Times Square. My anxiety kicks in when I am in situations like that. I think it is because my senses get so overwhelmed. With all the smells, people, and so many items to look at it is hard not to get sensory overload. If I mentally prepare myself I can usually do okay.

I did not think I would like to barter because I thought I would be so anxious to just buy what I want and get out but I surprised myself. I enjoy going back and forth trying to get the best price possible. It is almost like a game that is very entertaining. It is difficult sometimes though because I do not know what a good price on certain items are so I have probably over paid on some things. I like to think that I am pretty good at it after five weeks. Doing that all the time might get exhausting but it has been fun the few times I have made it to commercial street.

Although I made the most of our days off I would’ve preferred to go to school. After six days away from the students and teachers I missed them terribly. Now we are beginning our last week at the schools and I am so sad. I am going to miss everyone so much. These last few days are going to be tough because I don’t know if or when I am going to see these people again and they have made such a big impact on my life. I am definitely making the most of my time here.


Author: maddiesmallblog

I am about to be a senior at the University of Missouri. I will begin student teaching in the fall, and I am beyond excited. This opportunity to travel abroad and gain priceless experience teaching and learning from other people is so important to me. I will take the knowledge I get in India and apply it to my everyday life, whether thats teaching or otherwise. Going to India and teaching abroad has been a dream come true and I look forward to sharing my experience with everyone.

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