Friends, Fellowship, and Education Outside of School

Friday night Mehar ma’m (the 1st and 2nd standard math teacher I spend almost all of my time with at DPS-N) invited Sarah and I out to dinner with her family! We went to an Arabic restaurant called Savoury. I know I always say that it was some of the best food I have ever eaten… but this WAS the best chicken I have ever eaten! If we didn’t have 5 days left in Bangalore I would go there at least once a week for dinner. Mehar’s 7 year-old and 9 year-old daughters joined us along with Mehar’s husband. They are the cutest family and I hope to be as goofy, kind, and loving as they are one day with my family. I loved sharing a meal with them and getting to know more about their lives . We talked about everything from our families, to life in America, favorite Bollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses, and much more. Mehar ma’m is such a role model for me at school, and it was so fun to also see her outside of school with her family. Sarah and I left very full and happy!

Saturday there was a state-wide water strike from 6am-6pm. There were no shops or restaurants open, and no cabs or rickshaws, so we had a catch up day at Casa. We just spent the day getting a lot of last minute things done because the last week will fly by! In the evening, Sarah, Jill, I are went to Sowmya’s home for tea. I really enjoyed meeting her husband, son, and daughter. Their home is beautiful and we enjoyed chatting with them. I could have stayed there all night! It will be so hard to say goodbye to Sowmya this week. After tea, we went to Suniti ma’m’s home for dinner with her family. Suniti ma’m is a 3rd and 4th standard science teacher Sarah spends a lot of time with. She lives in the same apartment complex as Sowmya – making our travel for the night easy. Dinner was absolutely delicious and it was another family we loved getting to know while enjoying a meal. They were so nice and welcoming and we just had the best time with them!

Sunday morning most of the group got mehndi (henna) done again for our last week in Bangalore. See picture below of it. After that, we went to brunch with a man who works for the US embassy in Delhi. He used to teach high school social studies in New York and was very interested in our program and wanted to know all about it! It was really nice meeting him and talking to him about all the possibilities one can do abroad.

I loved meeting Mehar, Sowmya, and Suniti ma’m outside of school and getting to know them better. I really hope we will keep in touch when I return home. The relationships and memories I’ve made here I think will last a lifetime!


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