Singular vs. Plural

This past Friday was a treat to say the least! After asking my school coordinator if it was possible for me to work with second standard students, my wish was granted. On Friday morning I walked into a completely different atmosphere than my usual 4th standard home base. Second standard is louder, more chaotic, and beaming with energy. As I introduced myself to the class, I was bombarded with questions asking about why my voice was funny and why my hair was creamy. After answering, what seemed like a million questions on just my physical appearance, I was finally able to reel in there focus for the lesson I was about to teach. This would be my third lesson at DPS East, but my first second standard lesson.

While preparing for this lesson I was nervous about different things. How long would their attention span last? What would I do if the lesson ended too soon? What happens if I can’t speak over all forty of their voices? Luckily, my teacher quieted down the class and they were ready to give me their focus.

The lesson I prepared for this class was over singular and plural nouns. I began the lesson by discussing the differences between singular and plural nouns. Afterwords I had students give me different examples that they would come up with while I wrote them the board. I like to start my lessons having students discuss because I feel it gives students the chance to collaborate with one another. When students collaborate they often learn more than they would individually. Once our discussion was over I passed out a worksheet that had students writing singular and plural english words and using crayons to color in different parts of their worksheet. Because the students were able to have an open discussion they were not as chatty while they completed their worksheets. This was great because almost every student finished the worksheet with no errors! After every student completed the assessment their was only a small amount of time left where I had students practice reading aloud to the class. I believe this ended my lesson on a fun and positive note.

Overall, I was very satisfied with my lesson. It was so much fun to get to work with second standard students. Even though their were forty student bodies in one room I managed to keep them engaged for the entire 35 minutes. At DPS East I have worked with 4th, 3rd, and 2nd standard. I have loved each standard equally, for different reasons, and will be excited to return to the states with these new experiences to guide me through my student teaching.


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