India v My bank account

In this past week, Vidyashilp did not have school Monday-Thursday due to a strike against the Indian government on bus transportation.  The school has not been in session for the student’s safety when traveling to school.   The government buses were not running this week, often busses will get rocks thrown at them or sometimes worse case lit on fire.  Taking precaution schools were on holiday.  Only leaving me including today 5 more days with the kiddos.  Passing the unexpected free time our group went shopping.  We did A LOT of shopping.  I learned a new trait of mine that I am quite good at for myself and others…bargaining.

Shopping on Commerical Street or Brigade Street there are shops you can bargain the price with unless it is a corporate store then there is no bargaining the price of the item.  I have found out that the prices of the items are doubled in price.  Some items are not marked making it so you have to ask for the price then I personally think they make a price up then and there.  When looking or asking for a price, I immediately ask for half of the price.  Then the owner or worker says “No Madame” with a slightly lower price.  I shake my head saying the same price for half of what they said originally.  Eventually they will give in.  Sometimes you have to push your limits though.  Such as if they won’t go your price then I tell them I do not need the item and walk out.  Following me they say I can have the item at my price I say then I usually go back and buy the item.  If they are very stern and want the item then I comprise with them.  Bargaining is now my favorite thing to do while shopping to see how low you can get them to go on the price.


Some of our group members caught on that I am pretty good with negotiating prices so they take me along.  I tag along getting them the deal!

Commercial Street

You can find anything on commercial street for a great price.  From kurtas to sandals to pillow cases to key chains.  Anything you think you want you can find.  However being the shopper I am, I start thinking oh this is cheaper so I can get more.  My bank account doesn’t agree so much; neither do my two suitcases.  Shopping in India you want to get everything and anything.  I am moving into my first apartment when I get back.  When you walk in my apartment it will look like India threw up in it  (in a very good way).  If I could take five suitcases back with me full of stuff from India I would.

Now that my bank account has suffered and I have gotten almost everything I want to bring back with me to India.  I am content with my purchases, sorry mom and dad!

Until next time,



ps I still have two more days to shop after school 🙂



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