A Global Perspective

Before I left for this trip, I naively thought that America was the center of the world. I thought the eyes of the world were constantly on our nation. I had predicted that the Indian people I met would be informed about events in America and I would get questions about things such as the upcoming election. That is certainly not the experience I have had. If anything, I realized how insignificant America is in the scheme of the entire globe. While I have still met my share of Indians with a good bit of knowledge about America, the majority have such a broad range of knowledge about several countries all over the world. I think this really opened my eyes to how it is so easy to live in a bubble in America and be blind to the issues of the rest of the world. I really feel like this trip is already helping me to achieve my goals of having a global mindset.
On the topic of thinking global, we met with a US Foreign Service ambassador of foreign affairs in India Dr. Craig Dicker today. Dr. Dicker joined us for brunch and was kind enough to share his stories about his travels across the world for his career. He spoke about what it was like raising a family while he was living in countries like South Africa, Yugoslavia, Turkey and many more. He told us that he asked one of his sons, who are our age now, what he thought of their global upbringing now that they were grown. His son told him that at the time he hated him for it, but now he realizes it was the best thing that has happened to him. My conversations with Dr. Dicker really opened my eyes to the possibility of living abroad in the future. I would love to be able to teach abroad one day and get to experience a true and full immersion. I am very grateful to have met Dr. Dicker and have my mind opened to the possibilities that exist in the world.
So exciting to see these overarching end goals we set for ourselves in the pre-departure meetings start to come to fruition. I can’t wait to see what my very last week in India has in store for me.

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