Bangalore Palace

Being in the College of Education Middle School Social Studies at the University of Missouri, visiting historical sites is one of my favorite things to do.  On Sunday Laura, Jill, Somnya (Laura’s host teacher at Magnolia) and I went to the Bangalore Palace.  Once I stepped out of the Uber my mouth dropped open, it was beautiful.  The tan stone with the greenery scaling up half of the palace was breath taking.  There was a huge garden out front of the palace, that had flowers planted according to color on the season.

Bangalore Palace

Chamarajendra Wadiyar bought the original property in 1873 from the principal of Bangalore Central High School. The main building 4500 sq feet, the building took two years to build. It cost RS 198,158 at the time which in modern day currency in US dollars is $2,957.58 (a lot of money back then). It was built by Wodeyar King in 1887, it was inspired by the Windsor Castle which had a Tudor Style. The Wadiyar family spent most of their summers in the Bangalore Palace.

There were many photos that showed everything that the Wadiyar family activities, from childhood to adult outings. There were many photos of the Wadiyar family hunting. The Wadiyar’s were great hunters. It was believed that Jayachamaraja Wadiyar killed 300 tigers and many elephants. They had made stools, vases, table legs and wall decor out of the animals they would hunt. During the tour of the Bangalore Palace I saw elephant foot stools and an elephant trunk vase. Also one of the first elephants killed heads hung on the wall at the entrance of the palace. Table legs were made out of goat or horse feet.

Elephant stools

During the tour I found out the Wadiyar family owned elephants as well.  Using them as “work-horses” and for celebration ceremonies.  During this age, owning elephants were only for the wealthy status for show and being able to have the money to feed the elephants!


There was a chair to weigh jockeys, was in a shape of a horse-hoof legs. Every Wadiyar ruler was passionate fan of horse-racing. The chair is carved in a shoe shape with a measuring stand on the right and weigh scale on the left.

Jockey weighing chair

I saw beautiful glass vase wear and dish wear. The paintings had real gold in them. We also had the chance to see the clothing the Wadiyar family wore. The sarees were gorgeous, majority of the sarees had a train in the front. I thought that would make walking very difficult. The carved wood stair case was decorated in flowers, each flower had a different design on each of them. Noticing the tall thin doorways. Also the first lift (elevator) in Bangalore is in the Bangalore Palace.

Going and touring the Bangalore Palace was wonderful, being able to learn about the culture then instead of just learning about Indian culture today.  I really enjoyed it and recommend anyone ever visiting Bangalore to go check it out!!

Until next time,


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