Teaching How to Serve

Last Friday I was able to have the unique experience of visiting a government school right outside of Bangalore. I was invited by Vidyashilp Academy and rode the bus with 31 6th standard students for the field trip. In India a government school is somewhere that children can receive an education if they are not able to afford public school prices. Some government schools are better than others and we visited one that has a better reputation of taking care of their students. While riding the bus I had no idea what to expect. I have worked in title one schools in the United States, visited rural schools in Central America, therefor tried to envision a middle ground between these two categories. Either way I knew I would just need to wait patiently until the bus arrived.

Once our bus pulled on to the property of People’s Trust School my nerves started to ease seeing students excited for visitors and wearing their best dress to impress. As we unloaded everyone from the bus we were led to a large, open building for all of us to wait until the students were prepared to come in. While the students waited I walked around investigating the school for myself. The school consisted of two small buildings, farming property, and a beautiful temple that was hidden from the main road. The man that gave us a tour of the school was the founder’s son. His passion for the students and staff was incredible and made me realize how important it is for standouts who have lower incomes to have a safe haven such as this government school.

After my tour of the school and property it was time for the work to begin. The intention of this field trip was for 6th standard students to prepare a mini lesson for small groups of the government schools. As I walked around and listened to the different lessons that were prepared I was so proud of the students from Vidyashilp. Their kindness and respect towards the students at the government school were just as impressive as the lessons they prepared. I believe this type of field trip is something that should be encouraged in the United States. Students need to be taught the importance of serving others. When I return to the states I will make sure to implement the importance of serving in my classroom.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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