The Art of Living

This past weekend, our group traveled with Saumya from Magnolia to The Art of Living Ashram. This is a serene campus for meditation. We left Casa at around 3 and within an hour, we were at The Art of Living. It was a beautiful, green area that was extremely calming. We walked around the grounds and saw a large area surrounding a lake. On the lake, there was a stage where we learned the Guru would sit and lead meditations or speeches. We continued the tour and visited a temple-looking building where the meditation would be taking place.

When I think of meditation, I imagine silence and long, drawn out “ohms”. I thought it would be something mirroring the end of a yoga class back in the states. This definitely wasn’t the case. We walked in to the temple and it was a circular building with marble stairs. After grabbing two pillows, we sat and began to relax. We got there a little early so we had ample time to relax before the meditation began.

At 6, music began to play and people began to sit and quiet down. The temple was separated in half, between women and males. After the first song, the music began to pick up and people began to clap and sing along. I couldn’t help but smile when people got up and started dancing. It was a full blown party. This lasted about an hour and it was impossible not to smile when all this was happening. I loved experiencing this meditation. It was so happy and celebratory. I would be happy to go again.

With love



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