People’s Trust

This past Friday, a group of us joined the girls at Vidyashilp Academy on a field trip to a government school. Kayla, Laura, Kacy, Ollie and I visited Maddie and Liz at school before we left. Vidyashilp has a beautiful campus and it’s always amazing going to visit. Liz took us on a mini tour while Maddie was teaching a lesson and we all joined together for lunch. After this, we left for People’s Trust Vocational Training Center with a couple 6th standard sections. The school was tucked away in a little village outside of Bangalore. The teachers that accompanied the 6th standard sections had the students help teach different material to the children at the government school. We looked around in the classrooms and noticed the children deep in focus in different subjects. After a brief look around, we returned the to the 6th standard students and listened while they taught science, English, and math. It was amazing to not only see these students teach lessons, but also teach in a completely different language. Many of the kids at People’s Trust spoke Kannada, one of the many languages in Karnataka. It amazes me every day to see the kids speak two sometimes three different languages.

We then went on a tour around the grounds at People’s Trust. The principal led us, showing us a temple, the residency program and other aspects of the school. This school has a program that allows students who may not have a home to live at the school during their studies. I was completely impressed with the generosity of the principal at People’s Trust.

We asked the 6th standard teachers why they bring students to this government school. They answered us, stating that it shows the children who attend Vidyashilp how lucky they are. I’m so happy that I got to accompany the Vidyashilp girls on this field trip. It was truly eye-opening and amazing to see.

With love,


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