People’s Trust School

On Friday, I had the unique opportunity to visit People’s Trust school right outside of Bangalore. A trust school is one that is funded half by the government and the other half is funded by a group of donors. I was lucky enough to be invited to partake in this trip with some Vidyashilp staff and students. The sixth standard students had prepared various lessons to teach these students.
When we pulled up to the school we were greeted by many smiling children. The grounds of the campus were beautiful and all the trees were fruit trees. We tried to talk with the students but for the most part the only English word they knew was hi. We all settled into their meeting area as the students from People’s Trust lined up and got prepared to come meet the students. The little ones, still in class inside the school poked their heads out and waved at us. Once all the students from both schools were together, they split into small groups. The Vidyashilp students began to teach their lessons, the lessons were taught mostly in Kannada, so that all the students could understand. It was clear how much work these students had put into their lessons and they even made them fun and interactive. Lesson ranged from balloon experiments, atlas reading, fraction lessons and a lesson on the planets. I was quite impressed with one young student as he carried out his lesson. He was very patient with the students and seemed so enthused about what he was teaching. I told him after what a great job I thought he did, to which he responded “teaching is a tough job, ma’am!”
As the lessons carried on, I was lucky to get to speak with the owner of People’s Trust whose father founded the school in the 70’s. He told us about how his father was working his way up the corporate ladder, but all of a sudden realized he wasn’t cut out for that lifestyle and wanted to instead help people. He founded People’s Trust within a village that was one the neediest in the greater Bangalore area. It started small, but the People’s Trust now provides a variety of services to people within that community. Some of the services include counseling, life skill education, vocational training and many more. One of the things he said that really stuck with me is that they try to expose their students to many different activities throughout their time at the school. They believe talent is inherent and a student can discover a hidden talent simply by being exposed to something new. I loved this idea and I think it was a testament to the well-rounded educations the students are receiving. He also mentioned that not all of these students will make it all the way through school at People’s Trust. Despite this, their goal is to make these students into good humans and community members who will make the world a better place.
I was sad to leave the school after our tour. On the way home, I spoke to one of the Vidyashilp teachers about their partnership with the school. She told me how much the students want to help and rather than bringing in money from their parents, she wanted the students to work for money to donate to the People’s Trust school. The students create crafts and knick knacks to sell at the school, the proceeds from this go directly to the People’s Trust school to help them buy essentials like lighting, fans and books. I loved how Vidyashilp taught their students about work ethic and the importance of giving. Overall, I am very grateful to have been able to take part in this experience and thank you again to Vidyashilp academy for allowing me to tag along.

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