First lesson!

This week I gave my first real lesson! I was so nervous and excited as I eagerly began preparing my lesson on feminine and masculine nouns (gender nouns) for a second standard English class. I did not want to disappoint the teachers or students! In part of my lesson, I passed out post-it notes with a masculine or feminine noun written on it. I told students that if they had the word “waiter”, their partner would have the word “waitress “. Or if they had the word “mother” their partner would have “father”. The students were gushing with excitement as they hurriedly found their partner with the opposite word written on a post-it and sat down. The pairs then had to decide which noun was feminine and which was masculine and correctly put it in the columns on the board. It was so fun! I happened to be walking by one of the boys in the classroom who had the noun “queen”, and his partner, a girl in the classroom, had the noun “king”. The boy asked the girl to switch post-it’s with him since he was a boy and she was a girl. It was so cute and funny! Overall, the lesson went very well, although I did have to break into a quick head shoulders knees and toes in the middle of the lesson to regain the students attention after the post-it activity! The kids were so cute at the end as they said “Abby ma’m don’t leave! When can you teach us again?” I think those comments made my entire trip! I am so blessed to have taught my first lesson in India.

I am also so thankful for the DPS-North’s guidance! I had never planned or taught a lesson before so it was nice to learn from such experts. I’m especially thankful for Jyoti ma’m teaching me how to make a lesson plan, Aparna ma’m for turning her classroom over to me, and Sowmya ma’m for coordinating it all and taking such wonderful pictures! It’s been a month since I’ve arrived in Bangalore and this week was a little bit harder than others as I started to get a little homesick. But it’s experiences like these that remind me why I’m so lucky to be here.


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