My First Lesson!

I have been in many classrooms. My own classrooms, Head Start nursery classrooms, Head Start pre-school classrooms, elementary classrooms, middle school classrooms, high school classrooms, college classrooms. But never have I taught my own lesson before today July 22, 2016. This wouldn’t be a big deal to most people, but since I have just been accepted into Phase 2 of the Elementary Education Program in the College of Ed, it is very exciting.

I prepared a lesson called “Animals, Food, and More.” Covering carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores for a 3rd standard science classroom. My host teacher is Suniti Rajat, she kindly let me take over her classroom for the period and teach her students. Suniti gave me the student’s textbook to look over what they were supposed to be learning and I IMG_1623used my best judgment, as I have never created a lesson before.

I started off my lesson with a series of questions for the students, recalling their knowledge on why humans need nutrition to work and grow properly. I then connected that to animals, creating the understanding that they work the same way humans do. I told the students that there are different types of eaters in the animal kingdom and these types have different characteristics to meet their food needs. I then gave them the definition of carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore along with the special teeth characteristics they each have. Once I finished writing this out on the board I asked the students what animal they thought would be an example for each category. I got so many correct answers. 13692668_10209756240398554_3767374036951419606_nI was so impressed with this class and all of the information they knew! After asking a few questions getting them prepped for the activity, I passed out slips of paper for every student with an animal name on each. I told the students to move to different areas of the classroom depending on if their animal is an herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore. As soon as they started to figure out what their animal was they all started moving about the classroom. I had a few questions on who should go where but they all figured it out and I was very proud of them! After they moved to each section I went around to the groups and asked each student what animal they were and what they were eating for dinner. I think the students had a really fun time being creative and telling me what they were going to have. There were a lot of laughs and some of the students had some pretty funny answers for me!

After the activity I like to call, “what are you having for dinner?” I had the students head back to their seats for some more information. I think the activity really made the kids excited and less shy because as soon as they sat down all of their hands shot up. They all wanted to give me examples of herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores and tell me what their pets ate at home! We then went over a little more information and facts about the special characteristics of animals that help them eat.IMG_1643 The students had so much enthusiasm for what they were learning and that was really exciting for me to see that they were engaged and happy. The period was over before I knew it and I was sad to see the students leave for another class. On the way out a little boy said, “Sarah Ma’am your teaching is very nice and very fun!” This melted my heart and I am so happy and grateful that my first lesson got to be here in India with the sweetest students and teachers. This will be a memory that I have and cherish forever.

Until next time,

Sarah Ma’am


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