Personal Narratives

Yesterday at Vidyashlip, Maddie and I taught a lesson to eleventh standard on personal narratives.  Selvi Ma’am asked us a couple days after our arrival to create a workshop for eleventh standard on a paper we would have to write in your first year of college.  Maddie and I chose to do a personal narrative.  We chose to do a PowerPoint for the workshop, breaking down what to include, how to write it and organizing your paper effectively.  This being one of the first lessons I have ever really taught made me feel comfortable with Maddie being by my side.

We started the workshop at 10:50 am and would have an hour for the workshop.  Students started to come in the Language Lab, grabbing the worksheet we had printed out for them to fill out making it easier for them to plan out their narrative.  We introduced ourselves and why we were at Vidyashilp making sure they knew why we have been at VIdyashilp for so long.  Majority of the phase two students had no idea why we were at their school.  Some thought Maddie and I were exchange students and others thought we were just visitors seeing the school.  Once we explained our purpose they all made sense of why we were leading the workshop.

During our workshop, we explained what a personal narrative was as a review for them, then went over how to write a thesis, topic sentence and transitions.  We moved into discussing what you should included in a personal narrative.  We had five key points, imagery, emotion, timeline of events, descriptions and senses to include in their paper.  We had students look at photos for each key points and then explain the photo with that specific key point.  Maddie and I had them write a short paragraph with looking at one of the photos for emotion and senses.  We gave the students about six minutes to write the short paragraph then we had a few of them share theirs.  With the few that shared, we were blown away with how well and rich in detail the short paragraph was written in such short time.

After going through the workshop we gave the students an assignment to write their own personal narrative.  We gave them two topics they could chose from.  The first one was a time you stepped out of your comfort zone.  The second option was write about a event that changed your life.  We taught them the steps we do back in the states to writing a paper, brainstorm, outline, rough draft, peer review, revise and final draft.  The students have never really been introduced to peer review or outlining their papers due to when exams come they have a set time to write their papers.  I explained to them when I have a set amount of time to write a paper I do a quick outline just so I get all my thoughts down and don’t miss anything when writing.  Some students really liked that idea and said they were going to start trying it instead of jumping right into their paper.

When the session was over students thanked us and a few students came up to Maddie and I asking if they could have our emails to email with any questions about college or the assignment.  We said of course we would love for them to email us!!  The session went really well, better than I expected!!  I have only been with Phase 1 students at Vidyashilp and after yesterday I can truly say that both phase 1 and phase 2 students are the best students.

Maddie and I did not get any photos unfortunately but we will be getting their personal narratives back within the a week and going over them, soon to come with an update!! 🙂

Until next time,


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