French Day @ Vidyashilp

Last Thursday I walked into Vidyashilp Academy with Dr. Castro, he had his workshop for the 11th and 12th standard on plagiarism that day, I took him to Selvi Ma’am office for him to find his schedule for the day.  When we got to Selvi’s office after the 1-5 standard assembly; we got Dr. Castro’s schedule for the day. Selvi Ma’am mentioned maybe me being able to attend part of their French Day for 1-5th standard.  I was eager to attend having taken French from seventh grade to eleventh grade.  I stil remember majority of what I learned of French.  I was interested in seeing how at Vidyshilp they taught and learned French.

Back in the states we never had a French Day at my school.  I always learned French by doing worksheets, reading or learning through speaking French to others in the classroom.  Taking French was not popular language to take back in the states, everyone took Spanish.  We also do not start taking a second language in public schools until seventh grade.  At Vidyashilp they start learning second language and sometimes even a third language at first standard which is first grade back in the states.  From what it seemed there were atleast 20-30 students from each grade that took French.  This was very different from me taking French, I was always use to about only fifteen students in my grade taking French.

As I walked into the auditorium, parents filled the rows watching their children perform the French songs they had learned with the material content they had been learning in class.  The stage was decorated beautifully.  I sat down in a aisle a couple rows back from the stage.  I was immediately blown away.  The students were singing songs that I had learned in seventh grade and they were only 6-10 years old.  After every song the students would bow and say “Merci”.  Each standard (grade) had a variety of songs, the students even dressed up for every song.  One of my favorites was the first standard boys singing the number song.  There were ten of them they had a sign on the front and the back of them saying which number they were.  They would jump forward and turn around every time their number was called.  They were also wearing black sunglasses and one had a guitar filling in the gaitar solo part of the song.  My next favorite was the first standard class dancing and singing to the French gummy bear song.  They were all wearing little bear ears.

Every performance was wonderful.  I enjoyed being able to be apart of the experience.  I believe it should be a priority back in the states for children to learn a second language at a early age.  It is easier for the child to retain the language which will make them want to continue to learn and expand their knowledge.  From my experience starting to learn a second language at seventh grade is not the easiest task.  Improvement in US schools with learning multiple language will benefit the student to become a step closer to become a global citizen which I believe is critical in today’s world.  I also think having students participate and have French Day encourages the child’s learning.

Third standard singing a song on proper ways to order at a restaurant 

Vidyashilp, I was very impressed with French Day, thank you for allowing me to attend!

Until next time,


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