Rivers, Rafting & Rings

This weekend we took a little trip away from Bangalore and arrived at a peaceful little town known for its plantations- Coorg. Coorg was unbelievably beautiful and a very different scene than the one in Bangalore. Nestled in a quiet valley, Coorg is surrounded by mountains and greenery. If I thought Lal Bagh was Eden, Coorg might just be heaven.

We arrived after a quick 8 hour bus ride and we were all extremely tired. After dinner, we went back to our rooms and rested for the day ahead.

We woke up at 8 am and prepared for the day. Two things were on the agenda: elephants and river rafting. We arrived at Dubare Elephant Camp and rode a boat across the river to the elephant sanctuary. Just to the left of the boat, elephants were lounging in the water waiting to get bathed. I watched as a young boy who couldn’t had been more than 11 washing an elephant. It was amazing to see the relationship between man and elephant. We went into the camp where there was a station to feed the elephants. We all took turns stroking the trunks of the elephants. One thing that stuck out to me was that some of these elephants only had one tusk. I was suddenly relieved that they were in a place where they were being protected.



After seeing the elephants, we went on to begin river rafting. I was sure I would fall into the river, me being as uncoordinated as I am. Things went extraordinarily well as we oared our way through the river. We turned it into a competition of which raft could reach the destination faster. After a few rapids, my boat got into a groove. About halfway through, we decide we needed to cool off and jumped into the river. I had a moment where I thought to myself “Wow. I’m in India, I’m swimming in a river. When am I ever going to be able to say that again?” It was easily the coolest moment I’ve had. We jumped back into the raft and continued on our way. Our rafting instructor noticed we were up for any adventure and he decided we were going to go under a tree that was just above the water. It was so fun, even when we got stuck and had to push our way through. At the end of the voyage, we decided to paddle against the current and the front part of our boat was emerged quickly. We did this about 5 times so everyone could be at the front of the boat.

Then, we all went out to lunch in our soaking clothes and went back to the hotel. We relaxed and got ready for the next excursion of the day. We went back to the city and walked around a local park. There was a drop off where you could have seen the entire city, if it were not for the fog. For some reason, there was music blaring around the fountain at this park. Bundles of people were gathered around the fountain and began dancing. I couldn’t help but think of how great a venue that park would be for a concert.

This weekend trip was a special for one more reason: MY BEST FRIEND/SISTER GOT ENGAGED!!! I’ve known this was happening for a couple weeks so I made sure I was up by 3 am in order to be awake for the engagement. It was beautiful, the ring is beautiful, she was beautiful. Of course, I was devastated that I couldn’t be there to experience it first hand but life gets in the way sometimes. Our families and friends gathered together and celebrated as my sister and her fiancé, Duncan, formally began their life as one. They’re a pretty cute couple, if you ask me.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Katie & Duncan Saturday night 

With love,


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