This past weekend we traveled to Coorg. On Friday morning around 10:30am we left for Coorg. During the six hour journey, I tried to sleep, listened to music, ate snacks, and looked out the window. Once we finally arrived at the Abbydharna Estates we were all exhausted. We ate dinner at Abbydharna then went straight to bed resting ourselves for the long day we had ahead of us.

On Saturday morning we all got up around 8 am and went down to breakfast excited for the day. Shortly after breakfast we all got on the bus to head to the elephant camp we were visiting. Once getting to Dubare Elephant Camp we were all ready to see some elephants. Getting off the bus we went to a boat to cross the river to get where the elephants were. Waiting in line Kayla and I were watching the boat in front of us take off to cross the water. Watching the boat start of to a shaky start, rocking back in forth, and almost tipping over; we looked at each nervously. The next boat arrived and it was our groups turn to cross the river. We all got aboard immediately putting on a life vest sitting there anxiously. As we took off to the wobbly start we all yelled with excitement. Once getting closer to the other side of the river, where the elephants were we all were amazed with the elephants taking baths in the river near the bank. We got off the boat and rushed towards the area to watch elephants bathe. Some of us got sprayed by the elephants drinking water then blowing it out of their trunks. It was quite cute if I do say so myself.

Once majority of the elephants were done with their bath, they headed up to the feeding area. Our group followed the elephants to the feeding area, where we all got tons of pictures. We got to pet and feed the elephants. I was extremely surprised after petting one of the elephants and them not being soft as I imagined. Elephants have very rough skin, they are also fuzzy with the long black hair that the have on their skin. There were a variety of elephants old, baby, and young elephants. The baby elephants did not go far from their mothers. If their mom moved the baby elephant would quickly run after its mom. Sometimes the baby elephant would even hide under their moms stomach. Being able to touch and walk right next to multiple elephants was a once in a lifetime experience.


After spending time with the elephants we headed to go river rafting. All week I was looking forward to this. I love outdoor activities and back in the states I go river rafting quite a bit so I was excited to see what it was like in India. Our group had two rafts, one with six people and the other one with five and the guides. In my raft was Kayla, Abby, Kacy, and Chrissy. We had a blast. Our guide was a daredevil, at one point we went under a tree that was a foot over the water. Barely making it out from under the tree with the raft we came out with only Kayla having a scratch on her arm. We also decided that it would be a good idea to go swimming in the river. Once Kayla and I jumped in everyone else followed. Having a nice cool off swim for 10 or 15 minutes was what everyone needed. We all got back in the raft and continued on route. Our guide failed to mention that there were not only just fish in the river but there were alligators as well in the river. I guess I can say now that I have swam with alligators?! We all survived and didn’t get eaten by any alligators. As my guide told us “the alligators were vegetarian”. We finished the rafting route and headed for the bus for lunch.  Rafting in India was similar to the states minus alligators being in the river.

Group before going rafting

We thought we would all be fine sitting in wet clothes after swimming in the river while eating lunch because we were all so hungry.  However the next day some of the group got sick from the river. It was not the brightest idea but it was worth it in my opinion. During the rafting I had my waterproof GoPro on me taking videos of our experience since we couldn’t take our phones on the raft. Soon to come I will have the video ready and post for everyone to see.

Sunday morning majority of the group got up at 6am to go to on a Jeep ride up in the mountains. I have a jeep back in the states so that was my cup of tea. The top of jeep was still on which kept the us from getting completely soaked from the rain. All four doors of the jeep were off which I loved! We reached the top of the mountain after going on off reading to get to the top of the mountain! Jill and Chrissy in the back of the jeep kept hitting their heads on the top of the jeep bars from the rough rocky road. They got quite the laugh out of it, from having to straight lock their arms to prevent them from hitting their heads again and again. We hiked up to the top of the mountain from where the jeep dropped us off, it was beautiful. There was fog everywhere you could only see about twenty feet in front of you but it was still gorgeous up there. We headed back down the mountain to where we were staying for a nice hot shower to warm ourself up from the cold rain.

 Top of a mountain in Coorg

Coorg was a beautiful place and I wish that I had longer to stay there. Maybe sometime in the future I will be able to visit again.

A huge thank you to Suman for everything this weekend, it was wonderful!

Until next time,


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