What a Weekend Pt. 1

What a weekend. We’ve been traveling and moving nonstop from Bangalore to Coorg to Mysore and back to Bangalore. On Friday we left Bangalore around 10am and began our 6 hour journey to Coorg. The ride was a little bumpy but it went by very fast. We stopped for lunch and had some great dosa around 2 hours into our trip. When we arrived to Coorg it was around 6 so we had some time to relax and get ready for dinner at 8:30. (Indians always seem to eat later in the evening, reminds me of my dad.) After dinner we were all pretty tired so Abby and I went to bed and woke up refreshed from our great night sleep.
Saturday was one of the coolest days I’ve ever experienced. We started off with breakfast around 8:30am then drove about 45 minutes to an elephant camp. At the camp we rode across the Cauvery river to the other side to see elephants receiving baths and eating. The short ride across the river was a little scary because of the amount of people they packed on the boat and the extremely high water level. We all thought we were going to tip over into the water. Once we got across we were all so happy and excited to see the beautiful elephants. Two elephants were receiving baths and blew water out of their trunks at us, which was adorable. We then walked around the camp and were able to pet, feed, and take pictures with them. There were a couple of babies in the camp as well that were feeding from their mothers. They were adorable and so little compared to their parents and older elephants, although they were still 600-700 pounds. Something I noticed was that the babies were very furry and they loved to be pet by people. One of them even leaned up against Taylor and rested their head against her. They reminded me of my dogs at home!

After a couple of hours admiring the elephants we got ready for white water rafting on the Cauvery river. We took our shoes off, put on dorky helmets and lifejackets, grabbed a paddle, and we were on our way. It was low grade rafting so it wasn’t extremely intense but it was much more than a lot of us were used to. I’ve only ever been kayaking before so being in an inflatable raft was very different. We had so much fun and were soaked so we decided to jump in and swim in the river. It was chilly but it felt very nice to float along with the current. After swimming we were all climbing back into the raft and out of no where I get a little help from our tour guide. He grabbed the shoulders of my life jacket and flew me into the raft. Everyone was dying laughing because they said I looked like a wet/limp noodle flying through the air. Even our tour guide was laughing at how far I went. After a long afternoon of paddling and laughing we got back on the bus all soaked. We drove to a restaurant and had lunch on the rooftop where the sun dried our clothes while we ate.

Later that night we went into the town of Coorg and saw where the king sat to look over the entire valley. There was a gorgeous, misty view of the fields and valleys ahead. Right nearby the locals danced around a fountain with their friends and Ollie even joined and showed off his American moves. This was hilarious. We went to bed exhausted and happy from our great day.

Until next time,


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