Trip to the Zoo

Pardon my delay in posting this, but I have to share about our experience at the wild life park in Bangalore that we visited last Saturday. Going into this experience, I had expected this to be like any other zoo I’d been to back in the states. That was certainly not the experience I had. At the wild life park you truly get as close to the animals as you could ever imagine. 

Upon our arrival, we decided to purchase jeep tour tickets. These tickets would allow us to go on a safari ride through the animal enclosures and get up close with lions, tigers and bears (oh my). We didn’t realize that the bus we had booked for earlier in the day would take us on the same route. As far as I way concerned we could go through ten times and I wouldn’t have gotten enough, so I was more than pleased to get to go through twice. 

On the first excursion, we were on a nice air conditioned bus that one of the principals of our host schools was nice enough to set up for us. The group shifted from side to side on the bus as we passed animals that were nearly a yard away from us. Surprisingly, our shrieks and camera flashes didn’t send them running. One of my favorite parts of this experience was seeing a pregnant female lion and a male lion. We watched them cuddle and groom each other. Then they promptly got up and passed so close to our bus it took all my will power not to reach down and pet them. The driver told us that they have to alternate which look prides they let out in the enclosure each day, otherwise the prides will fight. We then headed into the tiger exhibit. The tigers were incredible, but much more illusive and hard to spot then their lion neighbors. The tigers seemed to be confined to their own fenced in areas, removed from the others. We later found out why. As we were just about to exit the tiger exhibit we heard an earth shattering roar, we looked over to see two huge tigers fighting in the brush. Admittedly, I couldn’t see much of the fight only orange fur flying, but it was incredible to witness. I’m still kicking myself for not having my camera at the ready.

After a 45 minute break it was time for round two on the jeeps. I decided to take one for the team and sit in the way back of the jeep. Liz and I may have suffered a mild concussion from the bumpy terrain we experienced on the ride, but it was worth it for the incredible view. This time around we got an amazing view of the elephants. We got to see a family huddled together with two new born elephants. I’ve never been so close to an animal so big, it was amazing. We followed through the same path we did before, with some intense off-roading which allowed us to see much more than we did before.

By the end of the second safari, I was happy to exit the jeep and let the car sickness subside. However, I don’t think I’ll ever have an experience to get that close to animal like I did at the wild life park. Overall, definitely worth the head trauma. 

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