This past weekend we went on a jeep safari at the Bannerghatta National Park also known as the Bangalore zoo. There we saw lions, tigers, bears, and elephants. It was so cool and awe inspiring to see the animals up so close! One of the major differences between the Bangalore zoo and the St. Louis zoo that I noticed is animals in the Bangalore zoo are in more of a natural habitat. At one point a bear had his nose on our jeep and a tiger was pacing in front of us blocking the path for awhile! My favorite was the elephants. This weekend we are traveling to Coorg and Mysore. In Coorg we are visiting an elephant camp and I’m hoping to ride an elephant there! Our trip so far has been a great mix of gaining valuable teaching experience and soaking in the culture and surroundings of India.

On Tuesday, I attended a workshop at DPS-North held by Professor Raj Rajagopal from the University of Iowa. He spoke on how to make children think and keep them engaged. I loved his teaching philosophy as it called for student-centered teaching, making connections, and getting to know your students. Professor Raj taught me the key to keeping your students engaged is to be passionate about what you are teaching. Because if you aren’t passionate, students will be able to pick up on that and they won’t engage themselves. My favorite takeaway from his workshop is “Teach the student,

not the subject” – and make sure you are passionate about your subject.

It’s hard to believe that it has now been 3 weeks since I have arrived in Bangalore. Time is flying by like crazy! I’m already anticipating tears saying goodbye to Bangalore and the smiling faces of DPS-North. My time here has been filled with interesting people, new food, and new places. Half-way through – this abroad experience has been amazing, and I have learned so much. I can’t wait to see what these next three weeks have in store!



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