First Lesson 7-13-16

Since I am not yet into Phase II of the College of Education program, I have never actually taught a lesson before! Jumpstart has given me some experience on how to work with children in a classroom setting but even that could not have prepared me for today. Last night I had a plan to take a quick nap and wake up and finish planning my lesson. Well that didn’t happen. Instead I slept through my alarm and instead woke up this morning at my usual time. I had a basic outline of what I wanted to do so I quickly finished up before we left the house and on the car ride there. Magnolia doesn’t have much technology in their classrooms so I relied on my IPad and the handy dandy chalk board! The lesson was on climate and weather so I showed them pictures of different examples of each and talked about the different types of climates and how to tell the difference. I planned on having to stop and tell the kids to quiet down but they were so attentive that I finished my lesson with 10 minuets to spare! I didn’t know what to do at that point but Saumya saved the day! She started a review of what they had learned so they could clarify and doubts they had.I’m so thankful to have her as a teacher! All in all I think the kids understood what I was saying and, more importantly, will remember it for the future! 

The rest of the day was spent in other classes and helping check notes. I taught a short lesson on seasons based on the Earth’s rotation, which proved to be a little bit more tricky to grasp, and then we were on our way back home! Both Saumya and Tony gave me great feedback so that tomorrow’s lesson on climate factors will go even smother!

I’m so excited that this will be my job for the rest of my life! The look on a students face when it clicks for them is amazing! Here’s to teaching the next generation of leaders!

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