Who Wants To Play Jeopardy?

As it is every Monday, it was very hard to get out of bed and get ready but once I arrive to school I am always excited to be there! This morning was no different and like always I was greeted with a chorus of “Hi Ma’am!”. This morning grades 3-5 were taking their maths exam and I got to watch for a bit. I wanted to be able to answer their questions but one look at the 5th standard math sheet and I was very confused! The different words they use for different symbols and such left me with more questions than they had! (I did learn that a lakhs is equal to 100,000.)

After completely confusing myself with maths, I went with Saumya outside for Girl Guides class. I had been a Girl Scout when I was younger so it was really neat to share my experiences and hear theirs! Here it is Girl Guides and it seems to be more like a class with notes about history and life skills but in regards to guides. We did play some games and I got to teach them how to play a classic America Girl Scout game: Ships and Sailors! They really enjoyed playing and I really enjoyed watching them have a great time!

Today my 5th standard class had a free activity time during 9th peroid so Saumya suggested I come up with an educational yet fun game to play! So I decided to set up a Jeopardy game that was some a review of their social studies and some new facts about the U.S.! I was very nervous to be in charge of the class for the first time ever even if it was for something just as simple as a game. Starting the game took a little time but once it got going there was no stopping it! All of the kids were so into the game and I’m positive you could hear the yells of triumph and moans of defeat from down the hall! I thought it would end up being the team not in a negative number but as the game continued on, the kids got down to business and quickly went through the categories. We were so into the game we didn’t realize that it was time to leave and I ran down stairs to catch my ride home. All in all it was a very fun experience, although I think the kids might say the questions were a little too hard! But in my defense, it was my first time! Can’t wait to teach again soon!

P.S. Look at the names on the left sid of the board and you will see their team names. How creative are these kids?!


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