School Life

Finally getting into the swing of things at AECS Magnolia Maaruti Public School. One of my favorite things about the school is the variety of different classes, outside of the core subjects, students get to take part in. I have tried to make it to as many of them as I can. I have loved taking part in classes like dance, art and music with my students.

Two of the unique classes I have seen are general knowledge and life skills classes. I loved the idea behind these classes because I think that it gives students some fundamental life knowledge to help them thrive as members of society. I have seen topics covered like listening skills, household maintenance and conservation. I was very impressed by how the school helps set their students up for life long success by making time to teach their students these things.

Today I sat in on a counseling class which the students partake in once a month. The theme of this month’s class was emotions. The teacher made the class so interactive for the students by having the students act out and come up with situations to represent some of the more complex emotions like jealousy, guilt and shame. The students were having fun coming up with scenarios as well as sharing their own personal experiences dealing with these emotions. I spoke to the teacher more in depth after the class and she told me about her last meeting with the class which was about bullying. She spoke in depth about how students do not have the skills to deal with bullying and how if they are not equipped to handle these situations, there could be detrimental consequences. I was really fascinated to see how the school is being proactive about talking about bullying with students and trying to combat the issue.

Excited to see where the rest of this week takes me!

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