Parents Day Program 7-8-16

Today was parents day at my school and everyone was so excited to show the parents all the hard work they put into their program. I was lucky and got to sit through all 3 fifth grade class presentations! All of the classes did such a great job with their programs and you could definitely tell that they had spent many hours preparing for it! My favorite part was probably the skit just because it was so fun to see the kids do the different facial expressions for the different characters and their faces light up when the parents would laugh at a joke! These kids are way more talented than I was when I was that age! In between the different dances and songs the kids did there was games and jokes with the parents. This was something new for me to see during a program but I really liked it! It took the pressure and formality out of it and made it more fun! I’m sure the parents weren’t to upset about the chocolate prizes either!

After the parents program it back to a semi-normal schedule as the 3rd and 4th standard has their parents day programs next week. The 5th graders are learning about how the Earth, Sun and Moon move in the universe. Most of them had learned about this last year and were so excited to share what they knew.

I have really connected with one teacher so far in this program and it is so interesting to see her take on everything! Saumya has such a compassion for teaching and really making sure the students understand what they are learning! She really enjoys traveling and learning about people different from herself and I think that is one of the reasons we get along so well! Since parents day is a more formal event she suggested that I send her some pictures of what I was wearing the next day so that she could pick out some of her own jewelry to match! The pieces she chose were so beautiful and I had my first experience with wearing a bindi. Let me tell you it was so hard to not touch it! I can’t remember how many times I bumped it off my forehead and had to re-attach it! Saumya is one of the kindest people I have ever met and it is no surprise that the kids love having her as a teacher!

Tomorrow we are heading to Bannerghatta National Park and I can’t wait to see all the animals so up close! I’m falling more and more in love with this city everyday! 

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