Let’s Go To The Zoo! 7-11-16

Today we woke up and loaded in the traveler for a trip to the zoo! The road there was bumpy and at one point it seemed like we had left Bangalore behind! Once we arrived there was a little confusion regarding what we were taking on the safari, as there were several options, but we finally got on a bus and drove into the park! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this experience was because words would not do it justice! Most of the time I just sat in amazement saying “WOW.” Over and over again. We saw elephants, tigers, bears, lions, and deer! Almost all of the animals walked up and around our bus and if we reached out the windows we could touch them, probably losing a limb in the process, but they were that close. The whole tour took about an hour and a half but I could have definitely stayed longer. When we finished we decided to go again but this time in a jeep! With the jeep we could get even closer to the animals even though most of them were taking a mid morning nap. We finished the jeep tour and then made a quick stop in the butterfly house which had many beautiful flowers and plants. Lunch was very filling and delicious thanks to Manila, our amazing host for the trip! By that time we were all so tired we got back in the car and some of us were sleeping within seconds.
I had never been on a safari of any kind and I am looking forward to possibly doing it again in the states, though, I don’t think any other one would be able to top this experience!

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