Lions and Tigers and Bears!

This past week flew by! I was very excited to the end the week by taking home a copy of my students 4th standard curriculum book. This weekend I have been reading over lesson one, two, and three. I am paired with a 4th standard history teacher. She is the department head and amazingly brilliant. In 4th standard history students are learning only about india. This will give them an in-depth look  at their culture and the 29 states that make up the country. I am extremely anxious to work in the history department because I think my host teacher and students can teach me more about India in order to make my experience richer.

Once the weekend came our entire group was giddy about our trip to the  Bannerghatta Zoo. This day was one of my favorites of the the trip so far. We first took two trips through the wildlife safari. Our first trip was on a bus an entire group and the second were in two 6 person jeeps. The jeeps allowed us to get up close to the animals in the safari. The zoo holds a variety of animals such as; elephants, tigers, bears, dear, and lions. These animals were beautiful and I am so lucky I was able to have such a personal experience throughout the safari.  Below I have posted some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

What I am looking forward to this week is being able to begin doing more hands-on work with my host teacher and creating stronger bonds with my students at DPS East. I am starting to feel very comfortable at my school and have found a home away from home.



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