Passion and Confidence

I just finished my first week at Delhi Public School North and words cannot describe how much I have fallen in love with the campus, students, and faculty! My heart warms and I get a rush of excitement each time a class stands and says, “Good morning ma’m!”. I love walking through the hallways now as I am beginning to recognize familiar and friendly faces, and starting to know some names of students. These past couple of days I have been observing all the classes DPS-North has to offer from a first standard Hindi class, fifth standard science class, second standard math class, fourth standard dance class, 11th standard political science class, and much more. In every class and activity, I was continuously amazed by the passion and confidence of these DPS-North students.

At DPS-North, I have not met a single student who takes their education for granted. The government schools in India (what we call public schools in the US) are failing and if you want a good education most people, if they can afford it, send their children to private schools like DPS. You can really tell how excited these students are to be at school. In class when ma’m (the teacher) asks the students a question, multiple students raise their hands to answer. They are eager to learn and to dive deeper into the curriculum. I had the pleasure of observing a mock UN conference DPS-North held for the surrounding schools. The students participating in the conference were so impressive. It was evident that they spent countless hours researching and preparing to know their positions perfectly. I hope to learn more about what drives this enthusiasm for learning, and pass that on to my future students.

Last week I also attended a fifth standard debate and a say no to Facebook assembly. Both of these events were student-led and I was amazed by the grace and confidence of these students. They stood on stage in front of their peers and teachers arguing their positions on whether “Time not spent in studies is wasted” and why children under the age of 13 should “Say not to Facebook” and other social media sites. Even in the first standard English class I observed, the teacher had students talk about themselves in front of their classmates to encourage becoming comfortable in front of others. As a 20 year old, I still struggle with public speaking in large groups and these students did it with such ease.


3rd standard class
Jill, Sarah, and I at DPS-North
Say No to Facebook for children under the age of 13 assembly
One of the mock UN conference meetings

imageThe DPS-North students and faculty have been so welcoming and accommodating to Jill, Sarah, and I. Their smiling faces make each day better and I feel so at home with them. I still have 4 weeks left to soak up everything DPS-North has to offer, and I know this will be an experience I will remember forever.



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