Impromptu teaching. 

This has been a weird week due to me being sick on Tuesday and yesterday being a holiday for Magnolia. Today, several students are also absent due to the holiday of Eid.
However, I am glad to be back in action today. I started today in a first period class, so for the first time I was able to see the students say their prayers and recite their national anthem. This was very different from the “Pledge of Allegiance” which I have grown accustom to. This Indian tradition lasts about 10-15 minutes with every child in unison saying their prayers and singing multiple songs before starting their day. 
By second period, my teacher asked me if I would like to go over some examples with the 6th standard math class and without a second thought I said, “Of course!”
We went over properties of whole numbers and did some examples using the distributive property.
Then, by third period, my teacher left me in the classroom to teach an 8th standard class about properties of quadrilaterals. I had nothing prepared and I certainly did want to waste time, so I did what I knew best.

Within 10-15 seconds, I came up with an impromptu lesson for the class. I broke the class up into 5 groups of about 4-5 students each. Then, I assigned each group to a quadrilateral (parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, square, kite). I directed each group to draw the shape, label the diagram, and write down as many properties that they could think of. 
Then, I told each group to nominate a member to write down what they have written down on the board. I then wanted to have each group present about their quadrilateral, but sadly we ran out of time!
Overall, I thought the lesson went well and I have learned a lot about my teaching style!
On a side note, I am on a mission to learn ALL of my students’ names. This will not be an easy feat, but I am determined to do so! I think it is vital for teachers to know each student by name, so I have started passing around my notebook and having students write down their names. (We’ll see how well this goes!)
I am ready to have a great Friday and for some more explorin’ this weekend!

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