My dogs of Bengaluru

Since I was a little girl I have always had a passion for animals, it did not matter what animal it was I immediately loved it.  I have always had a dog in the family since I was three years old.  Therefore my love for dogs is unconditional.  Back in the US I have a eight year old toy poodle named Wally.  Wally and I do everything together, I refer to him as my son, some would say I am a crazy dog lady.  I do miss Wally dearly.  However dealing with missing Wally, I have decided to incorpate the stray dogs of Bengaluru to make up for not seeing Wally for six weeks.

Wally and I before I left for India

Walking down the streets of Bengaluru you see various things of the culture and environment.  I being a dog lover I am, I immediately notice all the stray dogs on the street.  Not being able to touch/pet the stray dogs here is extremely tough for me.  I have resorted to naming all the strays I see in Bengaluru.  This started the first day of being here when our professor, Dr. Castro wanted to show our group around the neighborhood for our group to become more familiar with our area we are staying in for the next six weeks.  When we stepped into our alley way from Casa Cottage, Dr. Castro (Tony) introduced Brownie to the group.  Brownie is a stray dog that hangs around the Casa Cottage area.  Brownie is well behaved; he will get near you but not actually touch you.  He has been hanging around Casa for the past three years and last years group decided they would name him Brownie.  Brownies average day starts with laying around then moving to a new spot to lay around.  At night he likes to bark at other dogs to chase them away from his “home” Casa.

OG Brownie

Recently this summer Brownie has been joined by a few other dogs in the alley way.  My roommate Kacy and I decided that we are going to stick with the dessert names.  We have named them Cookie, Truffle, Oreo and Snickerdoodle.  Not all four of them are always in the alley way but Truffle and Brownie are the ones see the most.  On my way to VIdyashilp Academy every morning I will say Goodmorning to which ever dog is there and when I get back from school the same dog from the morning will be just chillin and relaxing in the same spot (the middle of the road).  I repeating myself everyday telling them to get out of the road so they do not get hit!  Eventually they will move.

When out and about in Bengaluru I still name the strays I see even though I may never see them again.  Now that I have been in Bengaluru for twelve days I have named atleast twenty dogs.  This causes problems for coming up with different dessert names for each dog.


The other day we were at Guruda mall our group was standing next to a gelato stand and we decided to steal some of the gelato names for the stray dogs.  We loved the names Chunky Orange, Diet Beligum Chocolate, and Friut Nut Overload.  We also took Cookies N’ Creme, Strawberry, Vanilla Carmel, and Mint Chocolate.  We have found dogs and a exceptional monkey to fit these names.

Fruit Nut Overload
Chunky Orange

At school I will talk to my students about my dog Wally and showing them a photo or two of the little fluff ball.  The students will share with me about their dogs they have as pets. (Not every dog in Bengaluru is a stray). The teachers and students I show a photo of Wally think he is the cutest because he is so small, here in Bengaluru the dogs are on average three times bigger than Wally.

I am sure within the next four weeks I am here I will be naming more dogs in Bengaluru.  Stay tuned!

Your Dog Lover,


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