Hokey Pokey

Today was another great day at Vidyashilp. I sat in on lessons with first and second graders. I started my morning by watching a first grade lesson on vowels. While the students were writing five words in their notebooks and underlining the vowels in each word, one student started crying. He said he did not feel well and when the teacher asked him what was wrong, he said that writing gives him a tummy ache and that he wanted to go home and play. A lot of the first graders are having a hard time adjusting to school all day as they just started in June. This student spent the whole class crying and at the end the class decided they would sing him a song to make him feel better. All of his classmates were so concerned about how upset he was and wanted to make him happy. They all stood up and sang the hokey pokey for him and it was one of the most adorable things I have ever witnessed.

After English with the first graders was over, I made my way to my daily yoga class. Today, the class was much more intense than yesterday, but the students cheered me on as I attempted some positions I have never even seen. These students are extremely flexible and have mastered very difficult poses. I am very impressed by their yoga skills. By the end of the class I was pretty sweaty, but all smiles as we posed for a class selfie. I have some new moves to practice and can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow.

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