Adjusting to Indian schools

Week two and India still has not ceased to amaze me. My time at the school has been very valuable to my pre-service teacher education. I am fascinated with the differences between American schools and what I have seen here in Bangalore. For one, the class sizes are a huge adjustment. The last class I taught at in America had 17 students and one of the classes I have been most frequently in at my host school has 40 students. This adjustment requires a whole lot more classroom management, organization and certainly patience. The benefit of more students far outweighs the difficulties, because I get the chance to work with and get to know twice as many students.

The relationships I have built with the teachers and students has enriched this experience for me greatly. The teachers have taken me under their wing and given me valuable advice on teaching, experiencing India and life in general. Through my conversations with these women I feel more in touch with the Indian culture and have found it easier to assimilate.
Even with how amazing the staff is at AECS Magnolia Maaruti Public School, seeing the students is consistently the highlight of my school day. The students have no shortage of stories to tell and compliments to give. I also am fascinated by watching their work ethic in class. The internal motivation the students have is incredible. If the students are misbehaving, the teacher will threaten to cancel class and immediately the students will behave. I had to laugh because I’m sure if a teacher threatened to cancel class in America most students would celebrate, rather than shape up. The value these students place on their education is something I have not seen a lot of in the United States and has been refreshing to see.
Overall, the adjustment to the Indian education system has been enlightening and intriguing. I look forward to becoming as active in my host school as I can. india2

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