My love for Vidyashilp

Living in Bangalore for almost two weeks now has brought me many joys.  From exploring the city to just today finishing my fourth day at Vidyashilp Academy.  I feel completely at home here.  Everyone is very hospitable making sure that I am always enjoying myself.  My absolute favorite thing about Bangalore is the school I have been placed at for my student teaching internship at Vidyashilp Academy.  Only being at my school for a short four days, each day has been different than the others and each day has been getting better and better.

I have truly fallen in love with Vidyashilp Academy.  The students, staff, and Selvi ma’am have made me feel more at home than I thought would be possible.  Every morning I start the day with waking up to a bird that sounds like a monkey who chirps non-stop at 6am.  No need for a alarm clock.  After getting ready, I go down stairs around 7 am to eat breakfast then at 7:30 am the Vidyashilp crew (Maddie, Courtney and I)  leave to get in our cab to go to school.  Usually on the way to our cab saying goodbye to the stray dogs in our alley way named, Brownie, Truffle, Oreo and Cookie.  We arrive to school around 8:15-8:30am.  Walking into the beautiful gated school what I think looks like a white palace; we enter amoungst the energetic students.  The first thing we do when getting to school is go to the staff room, where you are greeted by all the lovely teachers in the Phase I department.  A bell rings shortly after to tell the Phase I students to report to their every morning assembly.  After their assembly I  attend a class in EVS (Environmental Studies- aka their science and social studies combined) department.  After the first class students have activity block.  I return to the staff room being greeted by my department (the EVS department) saying ” Elizabeth, Elizabeth sit sit! Have some breakfast!!”.  I sit with the wonderful EVS Phase I staff enjoying all the Indian food they have brought for me to try. Then I start the rest of the day, going to aerobics class (dance class), and other various classes throughout the day.

Vidyashilp Academy
Aerobics fifth and fourth standard class

At VIdyashilp every greets you walking down the hallway saying “Hi ma’am!” Or “Hi Elizabeth ma’am”.  If the student sees you and does not know you they are not afraid to come up to you and ask everything about you.  Sometimes they even ask for your autograph, which I do not mind 😉 makes me feel famous.

Everyday students Palak, Kanishka, and Stuthi make sure to find me and walk me to all of my classes begging for me to attend one of theirs.  Everyday the three girls make sure I remember everything they have told me about them.  They proceed to ask me questions trying to get to know me more.  Yesterday was one of the girls birthday and she made sure to find me to give me one of her sweets for her birthday.  Today during aerobics class once she saw me she ran up to me grabbed my hand and start to telling everything about her birthday and what she got. I already know I will miss them incredible amount when I leave and I still have four and a half more weeks with them.

As walking to lunch at Vidyahilp everyday, I have had a heard of students that follow me asking “Elizabeth ma’am, will you PLEASE sit with me today!!”, having a heard of students asking me to sit with them at lunch I can not promise everyone I will sit with them.  I decided that I am going to make my best effort to sit with almost every table before I leave Vidyashilp.  Going through the lunch line I choose a table I have not sat at before and I sit there at random trying to make it as fair as possible. During lunch roughly twenty students come up to you during the thirty minutes of lunch asking everything about you and when you will be in their classroom.  When I finish lunch I get up to start making my way to the next place I am suppose to be, all the students I am sitting with finish their lunch as quick as they can. Just so they can walk with me to the next class.  Lunch at Vidyashilp makes my day and I always look forward to lunch.  Today during lunch, a little girl named Divyanshi came up to me with a big smile saying she can not wait till I come to her class later today, asking if I would sit by her.  The students just love you unconditionally here making me never wanting to go home at the end of the day.

I am so thankful for the wonderful mentors I have here at Vidyashilp Academy and can not wait to learn as much as I can from them in the next four and a half weeks.  I am blessed with the best students a teacher can ask for.  Thank you to the University of Missouri, Vidyashilp Acadmey, donors, my parents and peers who made this oppournity possible.

Until next time



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