Hurry Up and Wait

Jill Baranowski

My apologies… I have been posting to my personal blog! Here is what I’ve experienced so far since arriving a week ago.

After over 24 hours of traveling we’ve finally arrived. International travel is arguably one of my least favorite things to do. Although this time around things went fairly well, there was a lot of waiting. Waiting in lines, waiting to board, waiting hours upon hours until the next destination. The only thing we didn’t have to wait for was food. On every flight. Seriously, I think we were fed every hour. At one point when the stewardess offered me a “light dinner” (this was a little over an hour after eating a full entree) and I refused, she smiled, giggled, and said, “is this too much food for you?” Yes, it is quite a lot of food.

Our day started out in St. Louis where we enjoyed a very short flight to Chicago. We then left Chicago shortly afterward for the 13 hour flight to Abu Dhabi. After the last long international sleepless flight three 3 years ago I thought I would absolutely fall asleep. I was very wrong. Instead I slept for about 30 minutes total, finished two Autism classes (this is my biggest accomplishment to date, I think), and watched really bad movies. I also learned I’m a pain to sit next to on a long flight because apparently I want to use everything in my carry on. So here’s a big shout out to those who I sat next to and politely acknowledged my lack of efficiently and overall annoying tendencies. From Abu Dhabi we quickly boarded a plane to out final destination of Bengaluru. We landed with no problem (other than lack of sleep and hygiene). It wasn’t until baggage claim where we waited, and waited. Long story short, the airline failed to send a few of the passengers bags from Chicago to Bangalore via connecting flights. What a nightmare. After about 30-35 minutes we all finally made our way to the exit and were immediately greeted by the cool Bangalore air and the staff at IKC. Although they were not familiar faces, it was a warm welcome I was anxiously looking forward to.

Our group made our way to the bus so graciously lined up by Suman. As we started on our way I was immediately reminded of the first time I experienced the streets of Bangalore. The nostalgia was real. Fortunately for me I had a good idea of what we’d see along our way so I had the opportunity to enjoy all of the gasps, smiles, and laughter from the others as they got a taste of Bangalore and the art of driving in traffic. Trust me when I say that driving in a city like this is an art form. There are no rules. We waited in the congestion of traffic and finally made our way to Casa Cottage or what we would refer to home for the next 6 weeks. A perfect, quaint home.

I feel like all I have done since the beginning of the spring semester is wait for the next thing to happen. Waiting to finish classes, pass Comps, go to India, graduate, find a job, etc. etc. I find myself constantly rushing to get things done (no thanks to my procrastination) only to have to wait. I am overjoyed to be spending the next 6 weeks no longer waiting, but doing. It’s cheesy, sure, but I’m willing to accept it. Here’s to new memories in a place I call myself local.



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