Being a sponge

After spending almost a week in India, I am already in love with everything about Bangalore.  There is so much to take in and learn, it is hard to express the liveliness of this country.  First I can not believe it has been six days since arriving in Bangalore, time has flown by.

When arriving in Bangalore it was roughly 9pm, exhausted after twenty-five hours of traveling across the world I stepped on a bus with ten other students and Dr. Castro making our way to the Casa Cottage a B&B our group will be staying at for the next six weeks.  Falling asleep on the bus to Casa was not a option, the energy from the traffic was as Dr. Castro put it “organized chaos” and it was.  In India the traffic takes up every inch of the road that there is possible to take.  There could be a bike, motorcycle, car, rickshaw, bus, or a truck an inch away from you at all times.  I could give the person in the automobile right next to me a handshake is how close traffic is in Bangalore.  The noise from the traffic becomes music to your ears after spending a week in India.  Honking here is to let the other drivers know that they are close and not to cause a crash which is not what honking is in the States.  Finally making our journey to Casa, we got our assigned rooms and went straight to bed.

Saturday and Sunday was packed full of activities with getting to know the area where we are staying in- Richmond Town.  Exploring the nearby streets, finding the close markets, going shopping on Commercial Street and going to IKC (International Knowledge Center) for our introduction dinner.  During dinner on Saturday we found out on Sunday we would be going on a guided bike tour through Bangalore, we were all anxious and nervous due to we would be biking along and in Bangalore traffic.  Only experiencing Bangalore traffic through a window in a car or in a rickshaw I was unsure of my ability to be apart of the “organized chaos”.  However, I safety made it out alive enjoying the thrill the tour gave me.  Sunday night I prepared myself what I have been waiting for since February, visiting the schools our group would be placed at for our student teaching internship.

The next two days we visited the four schools our group would be placed at; these schools partnered with the University of Missouri College of Education Teach Abroad program.  We visited Delhi Public School- East and Magnolia on Monday.  Tuesday we visited Vidyashilp Academy and Delhi Public School-North.  Vidyashilp Academy is the school I will have my student teaching internship for the next six weeks.  All of the four schools were wonderful, welcoming and excited for our program to be here.  I cannot wait to be a sponge and take in everything Vidyashilp and has to offer me.

Until next time


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