School Is In Session! 


We have been in Bangalore for a total of 4 days and already I love it here! The past two days we got to visit all four of the schools that our group will be in for the first time and it was definitely an eye opening experience. Here in India public schools are like our private schools, in the sense that the majority of the students pay tuition and, and government schools are like our public schools. Also, in the four schools, the students range from Kindergarten to 12th grade all in the same school. The four schools we are in are all Indian public schools, however, they are all very different. Getting the opportunity to visit all four schools really showed me that there are very different types of public schools.

 During our visit to Delhi Public School- Bangalore East, which was our first stop, we got to see the newest school of the four, and you could really tell! All of the school had a new and fresh feel to it which really went with the openness of the school. The school itself had over 6,000 kids so, of course, the grounds were huge! Delhi Public Schools- Bangalore North was very similar to DPS East in most all aspects. AECS Magnolia (the school I’m placed in) and Vidyashilp Academy both have smaller student count of about 2,000. What really struck me about each of the schools was how influential the principal/director/headmistress was on the school. All of the heads of the schools care so much for their students and want them to succeed in whatever they decide to do in the future.

The schools are different than U.S. schools it seems as well in the way that more options are given to the students when it comes to electives and in the DPS schools especially, the sports and outside activities were encouraged. More students to a classroom, about 30-40, made classroom management a very important aspect as well, although it seemed like the students were well behaved. Their school year is also different with them having a summer holiday from about March to about June.

Each of the schools were very welcoming to us and made us feel at home. All I can say is that I am really looking forward to begin observing tomorrow and teaching next week!

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