First day

Today I began my first full day at The Delhi Public School-North and there’s nothing like the first day of school! I was so nervous and excited but it turned out to be a great day thanks to the wonderful hospitality of the DPS teachers and especially Sowmya ma’m. DPS-North is one of the most breathtaking schools I have ever seen with a swimming pool, tennis courts, mini golf course, and much more with over 6000 students in grades pre K-12. I spent most of my day with the first and second standards who are equivalent to first and second graders in the United States. I was surprised to see many similarities between the first and second standards at DPS-North and the first and second graders I have had experience with in the US. It was extremely refreshing to feel the students enthusiasm in the classroom as many students hands shot up and waved rapidly to answer questions when ma’m asked. It seemed like all the students were really happy at school and loved to be there. I’m excited to be a member of the school for the next 5 weeks and learn from all these amazing teachers!

It’s been almost five days in the crazy colorful city of Bangalore and I’ve just started to get settled in. The endless honking and traffic I don’t seem to notice as much and I no longer cry inside when I see a dog on the street and can’t pet it (side note- Bangalore has many). My bug spray has become my best friend and my stomach is getting use to the wild driving of the rickshaws and cabs. And somehow in the midst of all the craziness, I feel perfectly at home.

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