First Day of Teaching!

I have officially been in Bangalore for 2 days now and today was my first day at Delhi Public School-North. Wow, what an experience. I am so tired from the jet lag but so thrilled to have spent all day with the wonderful kids and teachers at DPS-North. I was not sure what to expect on my first day but Jill, Abby, and I had an action packed day with the help of Vice-Principal Sowmya. She is the sweetest and most helpful person in the world! Especially when one of us gets lost. 🙂 The school is over 30 acres and over 6,000 students are attending this year. That means that each classroom holds about 40 students. Talk about a lot of little kids.

For the first half of the day I visited a few 5th standard (grade) classrooms and came across many smiles and waves. Every time I walked into a classroom the entire class would stand up, smile, and say in unison, “Good Morning Ma’am!” After visiting 5th standard classrooms I met Abby and Jill for yoga with the 2nd standards. This was absolutely adorable. Not only was it very relaxing to practice yoga, it was also very amusing to see the little ones do the poses and chants. After yoga I visited a 3rd standard science class where the students were learning about safety at school, home, and on the road. They wanted to ask me a million questions about where I was from and what I was doing there in their classroom. As I was leaving a swarm of students came up to me and asked for my autograph! These kids are some of the most polite, hard-working, and generous students I have ever come across and here they were asking for MY autograph. In all honesty I should have been asking for theirs.

Being happy doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel about India so far. I’m off to get some sleep to hopefully get over this jet lag!


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