Initial Thoughts

Hello to all!

It’s the first weekend here in Bangalore and I cannot even begin to describe how proud and excited I am to be here! After almost a full day of traveling, my fellow Mizzou students and Dr. Castro arrived late Friday night. I was looking out the window on our way to the Casa thinking to myself, “I’m actually here. I’m here in India and I’ll be starting my teaching internship within the week.” Even after the weekend, it’s still crazy that we are finally here.

Saturday began early with the sounds of local birds chirping (even though a good group of us thought the sound was coming from monkeys). We met downstairs at our B&B (Casa) and started preparing a game plan for the rest of the day. That plan included checking out the neighborhood, lunch, shopping, and a dinner with our friends at the International Knowledge Center (IKC).  And that was supposed to be our resting day!

Today, we woke up at an early 5:45 a.m. and prepared for a bicycle tour around the city. Our tour guides showed us great local shops as well as temples. The tour was about 4+ hours and just as beautiful as you can imagine. One of the guides, Arti, expanded our knowledge on Hinduism and mythologies. We got back from Casa around 1 for a nice nap and R&R.

I can’t even begin to express or explain the things I’ve seen. Everything is so colorful, unique, and beautiful. I swear, I haven’t seen the same face, shop, or piece of clothing yet. Every way I look, there’s something that reminds me how lucky I am to be here.

Over the next two days, we will tour the 4 schools we’ll be working with. I am beyond excited to meet the principal, teachers, and students and learn more about how things our taught in this country!

Until next time,





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