India: First thoughts

Late yesterday night, my fellow Mizzou Teach Abroad students and I arrived in Bangalore, India.

The journey here was not a breeze in the park. With a total of about 17 hours in the air with two transfers, I was no doubt sleep-deprived and longing for a nice bed to crash on. Also, when we landed in the Bangalore airport, I think I scratched my cornea, leaving me with blurry vision and sensitivity to sunlight in my right eye. (Which is getting better, so no worries!) When we arrived at our Bed & Breakfast, I swiftly unpacked, cleaned myself up, and hit the hay.

But it was all worth it.

It did not hit me that I was actually in India until I awoke bright and early this morning to the sound of local birds singing through my window. I took probably one of the best showers of my life and then headed down for breakfast, where I enjoyed toast and jam, fresh local fruits and some cereal. Oh yeah, and some tasty mango/guava juice! As we went to do some exploring of the local neighborhood, you cannot help but take in the vibe this city gives you, with the vibrant colors and rickshaws veering past every corner. There is luscious green throughout the city and plenty of local shops and stores with yummy treats and necessities.

Now that I am here, I plan to take in every moment and absorb all that this city and country has to offer. I have so much to learn about the Indian culture and education system, and I am beyond grateful to be able to experience it first-hand.

It is an interesting feeling to be a minority when I have spent majority of my life being apart of the “majority.” I am excited to see what the next couple days and weeks have in store for me and I cannot wait to meet the students and teachers that I have the wonderful opportunity to work with.

Here we go!

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